Quantum processing on a 

classical computer!

Yes, it is not only possible, it has important applications in many tech fields.

Who we are

We are a startup software company researching and developing real life applications using quantum processing on a classical computer.

What we do

We invented a breakthrough technology that tackles the most important unsolved problems that exist today in IT, finance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and logistics. 


Major companies around the world are researching and building quantum computers. We developed a different cost effective approach. 

We use fundamentally novel quantum virtualization methods on classical computers and are looking forward to collaborating with national research institutions.

How we got here


Many real-world problems can be modeled as exponentially hard problems and solving them efficiently can lead to significant practical applications. However, exponentially hard problems are notoriously difficult to solve. The difficulty arises from the fact that the number of possible solutions grows exponentially with the size of the problem, making it impractical to solve them by brute force.


On the other hand, quantum computers are still in their infancy and there are significant technical challenges that need to be overcome before they become practical for widespread use. Building large-scale, error-corrected quantum computers capable of solving exponentially hard problems remains a significant technological challenge, and it may be some time before we see these benefits fully realized.   


Therefore, the potential benefits of solving such exponentially hard problems on a classical computer made it an exciting area of research and development that can have a positive impact on people's lives. Our technology has the potential to revolutionize computing in general and can ultimately provide significant benefits for people in many different ways.


One of the primary advantages of our novel quantum virtualization methods is their ability to perform certain types of calculations much faster. For example, this technology can help scientists to design new drugs more quickly and accurately by simulating the behavior of molecules at a quantum level.


Also, by harnessing the power of quantum processing on classical computers, our solutions can unlock new possibilities in many energy applications, such as optimizing grid operations, integrating renewable energy sources, and enhancing grid resilience. The ability of our systems to perform complex calculations faster and more accurately can empower power grid operators to make informed decisions in real time, leading to improved reliability and cost-effectiveness. 


Overall, solving exponentially hard problems efficiently using our systems is a major breakthrough in the field of computer science and can have far-reaching implications for many areas of society.